Church members Running After Pastor Kelvin Kobiri His Church Members Demand Millions Of Locked Cash

Self-styled Pastor, Kelvin Kobiri, who claims to be in constant touch with God is on the run as some of his congregants chase him for various investments monies he owes them.

Church service was briefly interrupted last week Sunday at his Zoe Outreach Ministry in Ogbojo, Accra when some frustrated members demanded payments.

“Pastor” Kelvin Kobiri and his wife Sabina are accused of running a ponzi scheme on the platform of FX Trade Investment which allegedly promised between 20 per cent and 30 per cent returns on investments placed.

Angry church members whose cash running into millions of Ghana cedis are locked up, disclosed that the investments have variously been placed in EL Gold and EL Real Capital Limited, affiliate entities of Mr. Kelvin Kobiri.

Checks conducted reveal all those trading entities have not been registered under Securities and Exchange Commission regulations.

An angry church member alleged, “some church members were deceived into believing Kelvin Kobiri owned the only FX trading platform in Ghana of which he sells rights to other banks and investment firms in Ghana to undertake FX trading.”

“He claimed to own same FX trading platform in Cyprus, Nigeria and other countries and that he, having been made rich through such FX Trading wants to extend same riches to his church members who invested wholeheartedly,” another customer said.

Aggrieved members said their pastor failed to pay interest on investments from July 2018 to date.

Mr. Kelvin Kobiri’s EL Abode Group of Companies at Tesano has many fragments including EL Trust Ltd, EL FX Ltd, EL Real Estate Ltd, EL Gold Ltd, Delight Microfinance, EL City Ltd, Zoe City Ltd and EL First Holding Ltd.

In a manner typical of fairness, justice and balanced reportage, reached out to Pastor Kelvin Kobiri for his side of the story and to specifically react to the myriad of allegations against his person.

Our reporters were disappointed as Mr. Kobiri refused to answer so many calls placed to his mobile phone for the past two days.

A text message (both regular text and Whatsapp) sent to him is also yet to be answered.

The message read, “Hello sir. Am a reporter at We would want to interview you on the allegations of some church members so that we can do a balanced news report. Is it possible you get back to us. We called several times yesterday but no response.”

Meanwhile, in a video published on Facebook on Sunday, Pastor Kobiri told the congregation that although he did not have the money to repay customers, he trusted that “God will pay everybody this week.”

“Some people are in the church because of those investments. But I cannot pay anybody; but what I want to tell everybody is that if by Friday you’ve not received your money, call the office. God will pay everybody this week. I cannot pay one single person,” he said.

“Sometimes you might have good intentions for people but it might not end up well. My mentality is, let people be rich. I didn’t know it was stupidity. But I thank God for his forgiving power, that he forgave me and restored this ministry,” he added.

Ghanacrusader is meanwhile picking information that the law enforcement agencies will soon swoop on Mr. Kobiri as some of his church members are lodging police complaint

Source;;;Ghana Crusader

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