Brown Is the New Black – A Must Have in Your Wardrobe!

They say there are some must have’s in a man’s closet…a white shirt, a blue jeans, a satin tie, black shoes…and the latest addition to that list are the brown shoes. Brown, the colour of classiness in a man’s wardrobe…for that polished look is a necessity.

Comfort and style are two of the most crucial factors that shoe provider should keep in mind. And one of the key factors in style is colours. Often people prefer the cliché black shoes and miss out how much one can dabble with a pair of brown shoes in their wardrobe.

Brown is the colour of elegance, class and a formal look. You can’t go wrong with brown shoes which will spark up your wardrobe and your overall personality when you walk in them. We definitely rate these shoes as evergreen, never out of style or need.

All over the world, shoe companies are noticing a significant demand of shoes in this colour. Brands like Cat, Sebago, Wrangler, Art Shoes, Jeffery West, Boxfresh, Lambretta, Swear, Neosens, Cat Legendary Raw, ndc shoes, Trickers, Opening Ceremony Shoes, Fireback, Mr Shoes, Dek Shoes, Gucinari, Dr Martens Shoes, Style Fashion Shoes, Roadhogs and Giovanni have exciting ranges of footwear in brown.

Researchers believe to make shoes stand out customers look for price, comfort, material but looks top the list and brown shoes sure do look delightful. Shoes are a vital part of a fashionable attire and it’s always good to be a bit experimental with your looks. So ditch those black shoes for a change and gear up with a pair of brown shoes.

One you find the right fit and size you are all set to dazzle. And with the compliments you will receive, you won’t want to get out of theses footwears! Be the trendsetter among your peers and grab your pair ASAP!

According to the reports of the Podiatric Associates, one of the most crucial factors in shoe comfort and health is a proper fit. Underfoot cushioning is another important factor that you need to consider while selecting a pair of footwear. Your feet comfort and health will depend largely on the underfoot cushioning. Before taking any definite decision on this issue, you need to make it sure that the shoe offers enough comfort to you so that you can walk without any difficulty.

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