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Good quality shoes are considered an integral part of wardrobe that can completely turn around one’s appearance. An exquisite dress complimented with a nice pair of shoes can do wonders to your personality. At the same time an unattractive pair of shoes can make you look terrible. So it is important to be wise with the time and money that you want to spend on buying any footwear.

Clearance sale provides a great opportunity to buy that stunning pair of shoes that you always thought were too expensive or brands that you thought were beyond your reach. It is a win-win situation for both the parties. The stores clear their inventory lying with them so as to accommodate fresh stock by the means of clearance sale. As for the customers, they can get deals that they could only have dreamt about. Some stores offer seasonal clearance sales while there are others which have year round clearances. Another reason why stores opt for clearance sales is because of perpetually evolving fashion trends. What’s in today could be old fashioned a couple of months later, though this is truer with clothes than shoes. But this in no way means that the pair that you buy would be out of style soon. Shoes last for years and the manufacturers realize this. Therefore they take particular care that the design can be worn for a number of years.

Another important factor to keep in mind while opting for clearance sale is the purpose that you intend to use the shoe for. Companies make different footwear for different occasions. There are shoes that you would like to reserve for important functions and there are others that will be put to everyday use. All kinds of footwear can broadly be categorized under boots, shoes trainers and sandals with further sub-categorization. For instance, shoes can be further divided into loafers, casual, lace-up, slippers and so on. The popular brands in such sale these days are Riva, Swear, b Store, Opening Ceremony, Wrangler, Keds and Skechers for women. Among men the most desired ones are Swear, b Store, N.D.C., Wrangler, Birkenstock and Caterpillar.

Shopping online is increasingly becoming a favoured way to buy clearance shoes or look for good bargains. It is always more convenient sitting at home and shopping at any point of the day. You can have a comparative analysis between different brands, their features and the prices. And at times, one can get even better deals than at the local store.

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