Aligning the 4-3 Defense Against 2 Tight End Formations

One of the biggest advantages of the 4-3 defense is its ability to adapt to any offensive attack. Whether you face a Pro-I, Spread, or Flex Bone you can adjust your base front without breaking your basic rules.

Aligning your 4-3 Defense to stop Double Tight End formations, it takes some really simple tweaking to the Over front, or checking to an Under front to get strong against 2-TE sets quickly. If all else fails, we can also hop into a goal line set.

We’re going to talk at couple of different ways we can hold two tight Ends for more defense of front here. Anytime that we see two tight Ends specially the two back set we’re expecting the run here.

This is definitely a running situation force that we’re going to played as. This is duck formation two tight Ends we got the “I” back here. We got the single receiver split out to the right force.

First of all, inside we’re going to still keep our 7 man front. We’re going to be able to play with here, two safety uptight they get a love that quarter coverage in the 4-3 because their ability did 9 guys in the box against their quickly. On the weak side from a single no receiver to tight we’re going to tight this corner back up.

We could invert this two if you got a guy who’s really a good run player in here and in this corner is not a great run player you can send him back. We’re going to play some version of a cover 2 with these guys will be a little bit more aggressive in the flats and he will have a deeper half here. This is going to give us actually more of the corner, corner half look against this.

Cover over on the strong side same as in the receiver side. We got our corner he’s going to play more our recheck what look like. He’s going to be playing off making sure that he stays overtop of number 1.

The safety is in the aggressive run play in here going to be really has to worry about this scores getting back. He set the tight End would release on the vertical route. If tight End release on a vertical route he would lock on him to cover all over the field but as long that tight End does anything else if he goes out, if he comes down, he runs the track whatever that case maybe.

The safety can be aggressive on the run. He simple needs to help out on single receiver if he gets a flat route it is going to be some real problem. He’s going to jump to the hip of number 1 receiver help out there. Inside we’re going to have our base 4-3 over front starting out.

Our 4-3 over were going to have an outside shade here with the tackle. We’re going to have 3 techniques; we got a 9 we got 3 send backers on the 55 yards off the ball outside shade of the tackle in this side. Our Mike is going to be shade over in a 10 maybe losing over a little bit strong 10 play that A gap maybe just a little bit farther over.

Our Will backer is going to be here in 50 again, just like he normally is. He’s going to be the 50 he’s a little more aggressive on that B gap. We’re going to be losing this tackle up in a normal over front. He plays on one on the center we’re going to be losing him up a little bit just to extend the edge into the two “I”. We’re going to do the same thing with our defense of End losing him up into a seven.

What does going to do is just making hard down block these guys also making really hard down block defense with these guys when they bring their 2nd tight End there over. Nothing really changes over here. We got to make some adjustments over here because now we have to look for more issue without bringing anybody extra here out in this corner probably not the greatest inside linebacker. Having that corner they may have a slot of number to this weak side as supposed what normally have.

The safety is still being aggressive; the corners could be the box responsible player here. He is here setting the aggressive here and again the free safety here only has the threat of these guys if he goes vertical corner end of the out route, anything in the flat out of them if he goes vertical free safety going to take him. If you were going to run the drag the free safety will be on that as well.

Next thing that we can do against this is to go into our under front, our under front going to tight this up free good against this look. We’re tight down now our tackle into the 3 technique. A strong side tackle is going to tight down in the 1.

Our End will move down a little far and will walk the Sam backer up. Our weak tackle this going to shade over into a 3 and our Ends going to move out. He’s going to play the seven here just again to give some little help on the down block. The backers in the under front are going to move in the 30’s.

The Sam was down into a 9. The Mike and the Will are in the 30 they’re handling those open gasp to their side. This closes down to the number broken gasp that we have.

Nothing has the changed in coverage at all. Everything in coverage is going to be the exact, the same. That’s going to help us tighten down against this front if we know that they’re going to run the ball, put this in a better position.

Next thing that we can do, if this really just a run out of this situation we know they’re running the football we can go our goal line set. Sometimes it would be seen especially in High School, in youth football and you’ll be see a lot more 2 tight with just running the football maybe it is a double wing; maybe it is a power I whatever the case maybe we’re going to goal line set here. And our goal line set, we want to bring the Ends down tighter inside we may reduce a personal substitutions because our Ends are generally speed guys who are rushing hard, bending, get all over the place we made your personal substitutions when we bring them in we pitch the tackle in tight they can handle the A gap.

Again pitch in the End over here with a balance front then our goal line, the corners going to walk out to play press men inside shade of this number 1 receiver take with the inside, take with that quick slant of course we throw a fade ball over top of the those we should allow percent this throw out there. Defense of End inside shade were walk both. Outside backers up off the Edge. They’re going to be the Contain players now.

Our outside backers are containing the play. Mike backers in the middle of his gap solve. A lot of times Mike wants to get it really tight in the line of scrimmage where his gap solves nothing should hit A and B gap.

At least he’s not quickly downhill unless these guys get crash, in which in case get you problems any way. This guy can play off a little bit towards he can see it he can fade it up. They do try to stick it up in the see B gap; he can help on run to the C gap or 1.

Our safeties are going to handle. Free safety and strong safety, they are all in the C gap. They do have men coverage take this cover here. He does have men coverage to that tight end. His looking if that tight End is engage here he’s going to work on that C gap he’s keeping out to run for those guys to release this gap.

Corner out here, in this situation their receiver on the move the corner can handle this tight End which that can communicate the men coverage. The corners going to handle the number 1 receiver, free safety in this case were going to handle the 2 it maybe a back out to back field to gets that pass situation. Role simple goal on the front, we really want to handle these guys in on the center who want to be in the inside shade of this tackles that made difficult to down blocker guys.

We got our Contain players out here. A little different on the other front, we’re not bending to different skilled work with them. We still very sound this go on front as a solid front, one that you can run and adjust anything that you see but against 2 tight such a great front of run. There’s a 3 information that you can defend to tight Ends, we’re going to try the run the ball ride action, try to place smash football and got a few options for it out of your 4-3 defense.

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